Womens Swimwear

There are many designs and styles of women’s swimwear you can consider wearing for a day on the beach.  Wheter you are pear-shaped, hourglass-figured, lacking, or have an abundance of curves, there is that special swimsuit that is just right for you.  Knowing one’s body features is an important thing when choosing which the swimsuit to wear to the beach or to the pool.  Choosing the right styles, designs, and even colors will certainly let you enjoy the summer more.

Different types of beachwear


Two-piece suits are the most common swimwear.  These flattering beachwear allow you to enjoy water-related activities even better.  There are various two-piece styles that will surely complement different body types.


The bikini was once considered obscene and shocking during its first few years.  However, the women of yester years finally found the courage to wear these bits of cloth connected by strings.  Eventually, this apparel became a common sight in resorts all over.  Most body types can work well with a bikini, but if you have an hourglass figure, then this bathing suit will definitely be the best for you.  Triangle and halter tops support and accentuate the bust and upper body while the right bottoms flatter shapely hips and curves.


For fuller-bodied women who may not feel comfotable enough to sport tiny swatches of cloth, then the tankini may be their best bet.  This swimsuit covers problem areas in the midsection such as unsightly bulges and even pregnancy stretch marks while giving the wearer the satisfaction of wearing a two-piece.  Some tankinis even help slim and control bulges to give a leaner silhouette.


Bandeau pieces are making a comeback in beachwear fashion as suits with the characteristic soft and strapless bra top has been seen making the rounds of catwalks and fashion spreads.  However, this bathing suit chooses its wearer, giving emphasis and support to moderately sized busts.  Bandeaus can also have straps and halters when additional support or embellishment is preferred.

The classic one-piece swimsuit

The one-piece bathing suit may have been viewed as swimwear for the conservative, but in recent years, it has received a facelift that made it sleek, stylish, and even sexy.

Maillot or monokini

Though it is a one-piece suit, the maillot or the monokini is actually a kind of beachwear that many people find daring and even sexy.  Its implied conservativeness is actually only a facade as strategically placed cut-outs reveal skin and body parts that will surely turn heads and draw appreciative looks.