Swimwear Separates

Going two-piece with swimwear separates is the best way to soak up the sun and show off your body this summer.  These suits are sexy and stylish fashion statements that let you move and groove when out on the beach or by the pool.  There are a variety of styles and designs of two-piece suits to choose from, but not all of these may serve to flatter any body type.  The key to getting the perfect swimwear is to know what works best for your body.

Different kinds of tops and bottoms can help higlight your assets and hide what you want to keep in the shade if you choose the styles correctly.  Once you have picked out the pieces you want, you can even mix and match to create a style and a look of your own.



Bikini tops are sexy and playful garments that let you enjoy as much sun as you want.  These come in a variety of styles that let you move and enjoy whatever activity on the beach or in the pool.  Triangle designs are one of the most popular pieces that flatter many body types.  They provide ample coverage while showing off your features such as the  bust.  This kind can also come in halter styles, providing moderate support through thicker or wider straps.  Halter styles are for women who also want to redirect attention from their busts by defining the shoulders.


If you are the type who hates those tan lines, then a bandeau top can do for you.  These are suitable for women with larger breast sizes who want maximum support but lesser attention on their busts.


If you have a few bulges and other things you would rather keep in the dark around the middle area, then a tank top might be the best option for you.  These help slim down and hide those extra pounds in the middle while giving you the satisfaction of wearing a two-piece bathing suit.



For maximum coverage of the derriere area, boyleg bottoms may be your best bet.  This style gives people the freedom to move about without having to worry about exposing too much.


For moderate coverage, hipster-type pieces can be sexy and prudent beachwear.


For the adventurous or those who can bare more of their bottoms, thong styles are the perfect pieces for the beach.