Fashion Swimwear

Make a sleek and stylish arrival at the beach or at the poolside this summer by wearing fashion swimwear pieces that will surely draw attention from everyone. A fashion-forward piece almost never fails when one wants to make a splash this summer. Though there are a variety of styles and designs of swimsuits available, choose beachwear styles that follow the current trends of the season. However, there are other chic beachwear pieces that make use of conventional styles but have an added twist to make them unique and eye-catching. One can spot what trends are going to make a splash this summer by scouring magazines and catwalks for the latest designs and styles of bathing suits.

Trendy beachwear

Stylish swimwear varieties for this summer are endless. Whatever your body type is, you are sure to find a suit that is perfect for you. If you want to look good on the beach or by the pool, then here are some of the basic swimsuit styles to choose from.

Bikini sets

Bikini sets are trendy and daring pieces that flatter most women, especially those who have hourglass figures. The tops come in various styles such as triangle, halter, and even bandeau or strapless. What makes these skimpy suits a favorite among many are the embellishments such as beading, embroidery, and other accessories that are incorporated into these pieces. Sexy tops may also have matching bottoms that provide ample to minimal coverage. You can also mix and match different tops and bottoms to create your own look for this summer.


If you want to wear a two-piece suit but have a few bulges to hide on the upper and middle part of your body, then consider looking into fun and fashionable tankini sets for this summer. Posh tankini styles provide maximum coverage that does not just hide anything you do not want to be seen, but also highlights what you have. There are a variety of tank top-style items that come in different colors and designs. Embellishments such as ruching, ruffles, and even lace can also be found on this type of suits.

Maillots and monokinis

The one-piece is back in style as maillots and monokinis make stylish beachwear options. One-piece suits, maillots, and monokinis are making splashes in the beach fashion scene by offering glimpses of skin while giving the illusion of conservative coverage. These pieces are sexy, stylish, and very daring. These swimwear styles are perfect for those who want to wear something other than the usual two-piece sets.